Executive Director
Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action
About Nancy Faulstich

Nancy Faulstich founded Regeneración in 2016 together with a small group of Pajaro Valley residents. Now Regeneración’s first Director, Nancy was motivated to work for climate action and resilience upon realizing the plight that younger generations, including her twelve year old daughter, will face. Her goal was for everyone in the Pajaro Valley to become fully aware of the reality of climate change and to move
together to address the causes and strive for justice.

Prior to her work with Regeneración, Nancy served as a bilingual preschool and kindergarten teacher and literacy specialist with the Pajaro Valley School District for 25 years. She has a BA in Women’s Studies and Masters in Education with a bilingual
(Spanish) certification.

In conjunction to her work as an early childhood educator, Nancy has led parent and women’s support groups, and organized to address and eliminate racism and anti-semitism. Nancy approaches her work with Regeneración as an ally focused on elevating the leadership of people of color.

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