About Nana Firman

Born in Jambi, Indonesia, home to rainforests, temple ruins, and the endangered Sumatran tiger, Nana Firman is deeply passionate with the green and blue sustainability of this beautiful brown earth. After more than two decades of experience working for sustainability, this agent of change is bringing constructive positive solutions for the betterment of society. She is featured in “One Earth: People of Color Protecting Our Planet” with 20 other Earth Defenders from around the world. During the post-tsunami recovery in Indonesia, Nana directed WWF’s “Green Reconstruction” efforts and developed an urban climate adaptation and mitigation initiative. In 2015, she organized the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change and cofounded the Global Muslim Climate Network, which calls to all Muslim nations to transition from fossil-fuel to clean-energy based development. She was named as the White House Champion of Change for Climate Faith Leaders by President Barrack Obama and recently received the Alfredo Sirkis Memorial Green Ring Award from the former Vice President Al Gore. In the last several years, this eco-enthusiast has been involved in Islamic Society of North America’s Green Initiative. Nana currently serves as Senior Ambassador for GreenFaith, an interfaith network that inspires environmental and climate action rooted in religious teachings.