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About Lisa Renstrom

Lisa grew up on a Nebraska farm where crops were grown with the help of every pesticide and herbicide available. The concept of environmentalist was not in the region’s lexicon. When she ran the family hotel business in Mexico in the 1990’s her decisions were defined by the bottom line, and not by green. Nonetheless, a love of the land planted in Nebraska burgeoned into a career in environmental advocacy. Lisa owned and operated two family hotels in Acapulco, Mexico from 1983-1993 when she moved to Charlotte, NC, with her husband Bob Perkowitz. Seeking to ensure that Charlotte became neither Atlanta nor Mexico City, she became a force in greening Charlotte. She Co-Chaired the 1997 Charlotte Regional Environmental Summit, was the Interim Executive Director of Voices & Choices.

During her time as President of the national Sierra Club from 2005 to 2007, Lisa transitioned the environmental organization from its traditional focus on land and toxics to a people-focused approach on energy and climate. Lisa founded ValuesAdvisor and currently serves on the boards of FreshFarm, Threshold Foundation and Confluence Philanthropy. Her educational background includes the Owner Presidents Management Program at Harvard University, a B.S. in Business Administration at the University of Nebraska and a Master in Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. She and her husband Bob Perkowitz created Bonwood Social Investments, investing in organizations that engage the public in environmental and climate solutions.

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