35th Mayor
Salt Lake City, Utah
About Hon. Jackie Biskupski

Jackie Biskupski served as Salt Lake City Mayor from January 2016-2020. She served for 8 years in Salt Lake County Government administration and her political career also includes 13 years as a member of the Utah House of Representatives from 1998 to 2011, where she made history as the state’s first openly gay elected official.

The Mayor’s top priorities included climate change, economic development, homelessness, air quality, affordable housing, transportation, and dissolving the school to prison pipeline. Her vision was to create an inclusive and welcoming city that fosters equity in opportunity for everyone. She also led the effort for Utah communities to obtain 100% renewable energy by 2030 through legislation and partnership. 24 communities in Utah are now on track to reach that goal.

She has worked throughout her career to lift women up through two organizations she co-founded, Real Women Run and Utah Women in Law Enforcement. Both organizations have existed for a decade and serve to recruit, mentor, educate, train and elevate women who want to run for office, serve on a board or commission or who want to serve in law enforcement and learn to lead in a male-dominated field.

A Minnesota native, the Mayor earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Arizona State University. She came to Salt Lake City 31 years ago for a ski trip, fell in love with the outdoors and the people, and never left. She shares her life with her wife Betty Iverson and their two sons, Archie and Jack.

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